Literature Review: The influential factors of creativity in the organizations.

Our focus would be how are these factors important and how do they influence creativity. While reviewing focus, we will take into account two approaches. The first one is contextual approach and the second one is interactionist model. The earlier one describes the factors on the basis of the elements of the environment in an organization. While the second one is based on different level of interactions and the effect of various variables of these interactions.

Ever since its existence, mankind has been making endeavors to think innovatively and work in a different manner. The purpose to think and do differently may vary from person to person. Someone may be doing so in order to save time. some people might opt to think and work differently to enhance their productivity. There is also a possibility that we come across people who think and work differently simple because they want to be different. Often, people try to invent new ways to work because they are tired of a routine. Whatever the reason may be, this is an established fact that mankind, as a whole, has always been making efforts to bring ‘change’ and this spirit of innovation has formed the very foundation of the evolution of human society. Had the human beings not bothered to think of any other way to feed themselves except hunting, the occupation of agriculture and the agricultural industries would not have been existed even today. Thus the practice of creativity has existed from the period far earlier than the coining of the term. In not to exaggerate, it must be admitted that the practice of creativity is as old as the human civilization itself. Let us explore how the creativity is defined by the eminent authors and the scholars of respective fields, since creativity is not specific to one field. It is cross disciplinary phenomenon.

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 Literature Review: The influential factors of creativity in the organizations.
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