literature of the bible.

 The woman’s trip is recounted from the time she wakes up from her bed, puts on her clothes, leaves her apartment to buy bread, returns to her apartment, prepares tea, does a little writing, takes her bath, leaves and boards a train and rides to her mother’s burial site.

The novella presents this simple pilgrimage in a concatenated form in which the main character’s memories of her family, her vision of the Earth’s temperatures and sea level rising and her meditation of time and space are all interwoven into the concept of boxing the compass. the clockwise naming of all angles in the compass in their respective order.

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 literature of the bible.
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In the Bible, from chapter six to nine of the Genesis recounts the story of Noah and the ark. It is a religious story in which the Bible says that a man called Noah lived righteously at a time when other men were wicked. Then God saw the evil nature of man, which made the man to forget God and steer away from God commandments. The Bible records that God had decided to wipe mankind from the face of the Earth using a heavy rain.

However, before God could destroy the Earth, he thought about Noah, the only righteous man who lived. God decided to save Noah and use him to preach to people and built an ark. Whoever trusted Noah and believed in God’s word would be saved in the ark when the deluge came. God gave Noah all instructions on how to build the ark and then bring into it two of all living creatures of opposite sex. seven pairs of all clean animals with their food. He also instructed Noah to bring enough food for his family and Noah obeyed everything God told him to do.

When Noah had entered the ark, the heavens opened and heavy rain poured for forty days and nights. The deluge flooded the Earth and every high point. thus wiping everything on its face. The only living thing saved was what was on the ark with Noah. For a hundred and fifty days, Noah and all those aboard the ark waited for the Earth to dry out.

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