Literacy and critical thinking in the digital age a study of bottled water.

 believe that just by purchasing water in a bottle in itself necessary to be believed that with better and stricter regulations then the bottled water is indeed safer than tap water. The study is based on the bottled water industry including its bacterial and chemical pollution problems. A review has been conducted on available information on bottled water and the sources, a comprehensive evaluation of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and an examination of management and scholastic bottled water trying consequences. n addition, it has specially made autonomous lab testing of more than 2,000 bottles of over 100 types of bottled water from several parts of the country.

The current bottle bills should also be expanded even to other countries. In 2005, 2 million tons of plastic bottles in the United States ended up in the trash instead of in recycling bins. The State container deposit law which is known as “bottle bills” are long overdue for an upgrade. They have proven to be the most effective approach to collecting bottles and cans. Currently, only 11 states have bottle bills in America, and most of them include only beer and soda bottles but not water bottles, which accounted for 14 percent of bottled beverages in 2005. Such bill with a higher deposit would give a huge boost to our bottle recycling rates.

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 Literacy and critical thinking in the digital age a study of bottled water.
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There are some very serious and major regulatory gaps in the administration of bottled water in the market. FDAs regulations absolutely excuse about sixty to seventy percent of the bottled water sold from the agencys bottled water values. FDA as well exempts seltzer, carbonated water and lots of other waters sold in bottles from its bottled water values. Vague common hygiene rules are applied which give no precise pollution limits. Tap water can have no established E. coli or fecal coli form bacteria, but FDA bottled water regulations comprise no such embargo. Tap water from surface runoff water has to be cleaned and sanitized.

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