Listening and speaking skilss

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Listening and speaking skilss. It needs to be at least 250 words. Affiliation Listening and speaking skills Although the results show that I have fairly good listening and speaking skills, there are a number of strategies I can use to improve. First, it is important that I learn to adapt my messages or communications to fit specific audiences. By doing this, I will learn the best communication style and approach that fits a particular audience in order to avoid communication breakdown or misunderstandings. Secondly, keeping messages brief and straight to the point is an important element when it comes to good interpersonal skills. I need to improve on the accuracy of my communications and at the same time reduce or eliminate unnecessary detail. This helps deliver messages in a clear manner that can be understood by all. Thirdly, in order to become a better listener, I need to ask questions more frequently so that I understand what the other person is saying. This will ensure that I get the correct message that is being passed across, and also give the speaker the confidence that I have understood the main points. However, I need to ensure that the questions I ask do not interrupt the flow of the speaker, and therefore I have to ask questions when it is absolutely necessary. Finally, being a good listener and speaker requires that attention is paid to the body language. This is one area I have to work on in order to improve my interpersonal skills. In order to become a good communicator, it is necessary that I consider by body posture and how I make eye contact. This gives the audience the confidence that I understand what I am saying and hence they are likely to buy the story or idea.

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Listening and speaking skilss
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