limiting human development

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on limiting human development process Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Therefore, in order to explain this, the theories of ethics can be applied. These can be used to justify the morality behind such decisions.

Because of such a dilemma, this paper gives a critical evaluation of this situation. It does this by using the moral theories of consequence and situation to justify that the decision was the right one. According to the consequentialist theory of utilitarianism, the decision to grant Ashley such treatment was quite beneficial since it was aimed at producing beneficial to everyone who was involved. At the same time, this can be explained using the CRM method. All in all, the decision was morally justified because it was fruitful and beneficial to her life. Although it could not ultimately resolve the problem, it enabled her to lead an improved and better life that might have not been possible had such decisions not been made.

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limiting human development
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I would like to begin by acknowledging that Ashley has a very serious problem. Indeed, she needs a lot of attention that arises from her unique condition. Static encephalopathy is a very rare condition that affects human beings. Based on the accounts of her parents, her condition has rendered her in a dire need of special attention that she currently receives from her biological parents. However, these parents should also be commended for showing such a strong passion and love for their daughter. Had it been for other light-hearted parents, Ashley would have been neglected or taken to the care centers in which she can be attended to by caregivers. However, this might be costly and adversely impact on her as she would be detached from her family members who should naturally be close to her during this time of crisis.

As a human being, Ashley is having full rights which are granted to her by the constitution. these include the right to parental care, education, health care, conscience, decision making.

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