Limited Brands INC.

The report will commence with a brief preview of the company after which it will commence with the analysis of the company on various angles. First, the company will conduct an internal analysis of the company to establish how internal factors affect or shape up the company. Secondly, the report will focus on the external analysis that was carried out in order to establish how external factors influence the company and how the company has been forced to readjust or realign itself with the external factors. The third analysis of the company will focus on the financial aspect and in this regard, the report will analyze the company’s financial ratios. It is important to note that these analyses were aimed at establishing key problems that the business faces and hinder it from prospering further.

Findings from the analyses carried out showed that the company faced four critical problems that include dealing with poor brands that makes the company less competitive in an industry revered for superior brands. The second problem that was established is lack of resources, which hinder it from competing competitively in the market. Third problem was inadequate technology within the company, which means that it is unable to decrease cost and operate more efficiently. The fourth problem that was established was that the company presently suffers from positioning within the market, which reduces its ability to compete competitively.

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Limited Brands INC.
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