Life Wastes Andy Hardy by Martin Arnold.

I think the movie is trying to tell us that we should not take movies or any form of media for that matter at face value. There is more meaning in a film than we think. We need to have enough curiosity to look beyond the obvious.

In this particular film, Martin Arnold uncovered and revealed what he thinks are the hidden messages contained in what seem to be ordinary scenes from the series Andy Hardy. The message is too clear to be ignored. Experimental filmmaking can be used as a tool to reveal the sublime messages in a movie or song. One just needs open eyes and a curious mind.

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Life Wastes Andy Hardy by Martin Arnold.
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The film It Wasn’t Love tells the story of two persons who have met, become physically intimate, and then separated. There was confusion though as to the sex or gender of one of the personalities in the story. It would appear at first glance that there were more than two persons involved but upon deeper inspection, one would realize that there were really just two persons in the story. The other “persons” in the film were just representations of the different personalities taken on by a homosexual person, in this case, that of a lesbian.

In essence, it is the story of a lesbian who is confused as to her role in society and as to her role in relation to a specific person, especially a female like her. I could say the film is a biographical entry of Benning’s realization of her gender and sexuality such that it would be very difficult to discover the message behind the film unless you know something about the filmmaker’s personal background.

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