Life Event: Loss and Realization.

 The ending of the situation came about right after my grandmother had a stroke.&nbsp. It was at this point that she was no longer capable of taking care of herself and required nearly constant care by either a loved one or a professional caretaker.&nbsp. As the situation progressed, I reclused into a type of neutral zone where the feelings, thoughts, and childhood closeness I shared with my grandmother were but a distant memory. although a happy one.&nbsp. Due to the fact that she was just a shell of her former self during this time, it was impossible for me to rebuild the relationship we had once enjoyed during my youth.&nbsp. It was at this point that I made the fateful decision to withdraw myself from her and not spend the time that I would have been happy to spend with her had this occurred during my early youth. Sadly, the new beginning only came after my grandmother had passed away from a second stroke.&nbsp. This new beginning was, of course, something that I should have realized far sooner but due to my own selfish motives and lack of patience, had not come to grips with yet.&nbsp. Due to my grandmother’s passing, I instantly regretted the fact that I had not made a more concerted effort to be with her during her final years.&nbsp. Although I still loved her deeply, I realized that it was my own selfish nature that had kept us apart and caused me to miss out on the very last chance I would ever have to speak with and spend time with my grandmother.&nbsp. As the old saying goes, “you never appreciate something until you lose it”.&nbsp. In this way, this new beginning caused me to come to a full and complete appreciation for this as well as purposing within my own mind to not let another such situation occur without me doing all my best to spend the quality time with the loved one prior to the risk of losing them forever

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Life Event: Loss and Realization.
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