Life As An Immigrant In America.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Life As An Immigrant In America. It needs to be at least 2000 words. To protect themselves, his parents have advised them never to reveal their birthplace to people. Families do not actually live in peace but in constant fear and hiding.

Ines too is an example of a mother of two illegally residing in America. She gave birth to her two children in the country. Ines’ husband was once picked and questioned by the police making her fears get even worse because if their illegal status is realized, they will be separated from their kids. Children whose parents are undocumented are constantly in fear of separation hence impacting negatively regarding the development of children. Different legal statutes among children lead to inequalities. The ones with legal documents do access social services such as health and education, opportunities as well travel. The children illegally in America fail to get financial aids and scholarships in the country. She mentions that they normally go to separate doctors as they have no insurance. Secondly, deportation has completely interfered with the marriage institution in the immigrant families. Whilst deportation separates families, other spouses take the advantage of their legal status to oppress their partners resulting in the unequal balance of power in marriage. Women without legal documents, for example, have often found themselves in abusive marriages and relationships. They suffer silently in fear of being deported and living their children. Women in such situations have even ended up beaten to death because they have no capability to report.

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