Lies and Their Consequences

 Actions for ‘Lies and Their Consequences’

 Lying is a technique of persuasion. Sometimes it’s justified (e.g., wartime propaganda), sometimes it’s not.

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Lies and Their Consequences
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Think of a time when somebody lied to you in your workplace. (Don’t think about the lies of family members, friends, celebrities, or politicians.) Describe the lie, what it was intended to accomplish, what it actually accomplished, and its other consequences. Be sure to mention, discuss, and prioritize all the factors involved; for example, the liar(s) may have had several goals, and there may have been several consequences. Offer a complete, concise, logical discussion, using proper English.

As before, you should support your analysis using the sources mentioned in the Case, SLP, or Background Info. Identify each source with an in-text citation. There’s no need to place the full reference at the bottom of your posting if the reference appears in the module: otherwise, it’s required.

This is one of my personal incidents that has occurred in my work area. Could you take a look at it and make changes to it to make it sound a little bit more professional and writing style.

In my work experience on the railroad, I have remembered a time when a new conductor was assigned to work with me on a job. I am the locomotive engineer who operates the engine which moves the train back and forth. The conductors job is to couple up to other cars, throw switches, and direct me in which way he wants to train to move. One of the safety rules on the railroad is that when a conductor throws a switch he must double check the switch. Then he’ll transmitted over the radio that he threw the switch and double checked it. The engineer which is me will repeated back to the conductor and then I continue on with the movement. Needless to say, the switch was thrown against me and when I backed up my train went into an emergency because we have derailed. There was about $4000 in damage which cause the conductor to be suspended for 30 days. Since I have followed the rules and did what I was supposed to do as an engineer, I did not get suspended. However, the conductor did get suspended at that time when he worked with me because he was too lazy to ensure safety comes first. When this conductor came back to work. He worked with another engin

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