Lies and their Consequences

In most cases lying is unacceptable in the workspace and hurts coition amongst coworkers and supervisors. But lying to subordinates in order to accomplish a task when the benefits outweigh the risk can be acceptable (Mazur, 1993). For instance last month I lied to all my subordinates by telling them that my superior wants their evaluations submitted by the 15th of March when they actually need to be turned in by the end of April. The reasoning behind me doing this was last year I was given the same task so I asked my subordinates to submit all the forms and documents needed to write the evaluation by April 15th. It took me about two weeks to receive all the required forms, type up the evaluations, and review them so when I was finally done with all of them I was past the commands deadline for completion. After completing all the evaluations this year I had a meeting with all of my subordinates to let them know that the deadline was actually at the end of April but we were ahead of schedule.              

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Lies and their Consequences
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