(Library Assignment

(Library Assignment) In 1829, Sir Robert Peel organized the Metropolitan Police in London, England; it was the first organized police agency of its kind. It was established along a military style command paradigm.Use the Library resources to research the Metro Police Department and the history behind its development. Compare and contrast the agency with the current law enforcement structure of the Los Angeles Police Department. Is the rank structure similar? Is the chain of command identical, or has it evolved over the years? Are there differences in the approach to management?A criminal justice agency is an “open system,” or one that is interactive and responsive to the environment. The management of a criminal justice system is influenced by many factors and groups, including community leaders, community action groups, court decisions, political influences, the media, and individual citizens. For example, in the 1980’s, the U.S. Congress passed mandatory sentencing laws to combat illegal narcotic trafficking. The result was an almost unmanageable increase in the number of inmates incarcerated for drug convictions, creating substantial overcrowding and limiting room for violent offenders.For this Discussion Board, select one of the influences listed above and describe how that influence would impact the management and administration of a court system. Describe the level of interaction and why the agency must address the concerns.

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(Library Assignment
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