lesson Unit: Implementation and Control

ToolsCorp Corporation is a fictitious company that does not exist anywhere. For the purpose of this course, it is located in Tennessee. As members of the senior management team of ToolsCorp Corporation, your group has been asked to prepare a neat and organized report for the Strategic Officers Steering Committee (SOS-C) of ToolsCorp Corporation. The purpose of this paper is to obtain permission from them to go forward with the next step (developing a full-blown business plan) for ToolsCorp’s strategic initiative to break into the global marketplace.

 A preliminary market analysis

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lesson Unit: Implementation and Control
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Hint: research market analysis, find one for a manufacturing firm going global to a country in the same region and with a similar involvement and tailor it to ToolsCorp specifications; remember, this is just a preliminary market analysis, not a formal one, but you must at least analyze the country or region of the globe intended for expansion, the type of involvement in that country or region, which products would best suit target market, the economic and socio-cultural specifics of that area, etc

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