Legalization of Euthanasia

Write 6 pages with APA style on Legalization of Euthanasia. Although at a cursory glance Euthanasia may indeed seem as an infringement on the individual right to live, a critical look at Euthanasia vis-à-vis the individual right to self-determination shows that Euthanasia is not an infringement on the individual right to life. This is because, first, Euthanasia is practiced on terminally ill patients who have almost no chance of surviving. For that reason, Euthanasia does not really shorten life because it is practiced on the patients who are about to die-euthanasia is practised as an act of last resort where all other means of cure or relieving pain to enable the patient to have a quality life have failed so as to enable a person to have a dignified death (Tutu, 2014). Secondly, although, individuals have the right to life, the right to life does not, however, override the individual right to self-determination in some circumstances. In a circumstance where a person is terminally ill and in excruciating pain, such a person has the right to decide to end their lives so as to relieve themselves of pain because even if he/she does end their lives, they will die in deep pain anyway.&nbsp. For these two reasons, therefore, euthanasia is not an infringement on individual right life. Hence, euthanasia should be legalized.

The second main reason why Euthanasia should be legalized is that assisting a terminally ill patient to die is a better and more humane choice than not assisting them (Wreen, 1988). In most instances, the people who undergo euthanasia are the people who are seriously sick, and the people who are unable to do even the basics of life like to move, to breathe, or even to think- these kinds of people have virtually nothing to enjoy in life and some of them have even lost the ability to self-determine. Assisting these kinds of terminally ill patients to die, therefore, is an act of mercy. choosing to help such patients to die is indeed a better and a more human choice than choosing not to assist them.

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Legalization of Euthanasia
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