Lecture: Problem Solving For Leaders

Need For Closure. It needs to be at least 1250 words. In this essay, the concern shall be in highlighting the extent to which the need for closure constructs aids in the explaining of the group behaviour during a simulation task. This shall be illustrated by the identification of the specific moments under which the predicted effects of the need for closure constructs may have been manifested during the group task (Roets 2007).

It is noted that under high cognitive needs for closure, task reflexivity as a core component of the effectiveness of team’s ability to solve problems is disabled. This can lead to the definition of need for closure in this context as a preference for conclusive group work over a continued ambiguity and uncertainty. The need for closure in the group work was considered as proportionate to the benefits that were perceived in magnitude to the closure. hence, out ruling the costs for the lack of closure.

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 Lecture: Problem Solving For Leaders
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The costs and benefits as noted during the survey were assumed to be variant. thus, representing stable individual differences in the group. The consequences for engaging need for closure during the group work was assumed to be derived from the tendencies of permanence and urgency (Kruglanski et al., 2006.p.84). In this, the group tended to be concerned with reaching the end of the project while at the same time inclining to maintain closure for longer periods.

The need for closure during the group work was also facilitated by the increased effectiveness of the team that is evidenced by the attained scores that were geared towards the determination of the preference of team members towards certain characteristics (De Dreu 2007.p.628). Considering the median score of 121, the obtained individual score of 118 is considered as quite low. hence, can be explained by the dislike or low preference for a particular characteristic.

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