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Enhancing Bright Roads Web/Media Presence

Overall objectives for enhancing the web/media presence provided by Bright Roads include

1) Generate community awareness of services

2) Generate leads for care

3) Promote special events

4) Enhance overall image

In reviewing the webpage and social media presence, the initial impression is bland and does not portray images that would engage readers to probe further. Bright Roads should consider the following recommendations for enhancement:


1) Select a primary picture that tells a story about the high quality of care and patient satisfaction at Bright Roads versus an image of a building.

2) Review the pictures placed on the bottom of the page as they are not a visual match for Bright Road’s target audience. If the targeted audience are Generation X, Y and Z, then the images should be reflective of that age grouping. Additionally, considering Bright Roads does provide services to the elderly who have Generation X children as their caretakers, Bright Roads should consider including images that would capture the interest of these caretakers who would be more apt to peruse Bright Road’s web presence.

3) Review the premiere service line offerings of Bright Roads. Quality rankings, awards, distinctions linked to key targeted services should drive users to click further through page. Consider featuring these distinctions on the web page to showcase Bright Road’s stellar ranking and commitment to patient care/quality measures.

4) Include the Bright Roads logo on the webpage to foster brand awareness.

5) Consider including a rotating banner to showcase upcoming events.

6) If the page is to be a lead generator, there should be multiple opportunities for readers to solicit information and/or provide their emails willingly to receive updates.

Social Media Page

1) Placement of logo and picture do not generate interest. Similar to the website, an image of a building will not drive individuals to want to learn more about Bright Roads Services. Consider adding images that tell the Bright Roads story.

2) Social Media page should link to several means of communication: i.e. Twitter. This would allow for Bright Roads to connect to customers and provide updates on services and key community events once the consumer signs up.

3) Include a You Tube link that would allow prospective customers to view videos. This presents a n opportunity for Bright Roads to further engage the customer. Rather than including the You Tube icon, consider a catchy link that would generate interest in a library of videos.

4) Testimonials are key on social media page. Placement of key testimonials regarding patient satisfaction and quality of care would engage customers to want to learn more.

5) Include a photo gallery to showcase recently held events. This will generate interest in future events.

Driving Patient Engagement through Patient Health Record

The overall goals for improvement of the Patient Health Record (PHR) at Bright Roads are to

1) Garner greater participation from Bright Road’s patients in the hopes of spawning interest and activity particularly from the Baby Boomer 60+ patients

2) Demonstrate a value add proposition that will show patients how the creation and maintenance of a PHR can be a personal benefit.

Recommendations for a marketing strategy to promote PHR

1) The landing page for the Bright Roads PHR features a picture of a clinician holding an IPad. If the PHR is intended to be created, maintained and primarily for the benefit of the patient, this cannot be ascertained from the story this picture tells. Consider include images better representative of the desired patient population and/or images that show the value from a patients perspective of having a PHR. Additionally, re-messaging the definition of the PHR on this site might be helpful in clarifying its purpose to the patient.

2) Potentially include video testimonials and/or written comments/postings with relatable stories from patients that highlight the benefits of having a PHR. This can include safety standards to reassure Baby Boomers of the security of a PHR.

3) Links – there are two search links on this landing page. The first one is located in the header and appears to be a standard page search field. However, the second search link begins with a bullet on careers and features a picture of a doctor. The links need to be pertinent to the PHR. This is not a key location for those interested in careers at Bright Roads. The search links on this page should be geared towards prevention, alternative lifestyles and other health related issues pertinent to a patient successfully managing his/her PHR.

4) The PHR form is free text and contains minimal information – a review of what specific demographic and patient specific information Bright Roads would like to gather would be relevant. Consider including other demographic factors that would make the document more robust and of better use to both the patient and the clinicians accessing the document.

5) Social Media – one way to sustain the engagement of the Gen X and Gen Y patients could be to link the PHR participants (who have voluntarily agreed) to social media links. Consider health contests, mobile applications, games, feature stories, and videos versus strictly health/prevention email updates. Pull versus push information is important as Bright Roads has expressed concerns regarding inundating patients with emails and messages.

Harnessing Patient Satisfaction Data to Drive Improvements in the Patient Experience

After visiting the Bright Roads Urgent Care Center (UCC) and reviewing the patient satisfaction scores, the following recommendations have been developed. Note that the focus of the recommendations is based upon using top box scoring methodology in the review of Bright Road’s patient satisfaction scores. In this manner, the below suggestions are used to target areas wherein Bright Roads can concentrate its efforts on converting average scores into excellent scores and have the most immediate impact on patient experience.

1) The facility scored very well with regards to medical staff questions regarding courtesy and listening. The data shows that patients feel the staff is courteous (Top box score of 88%) and listen carefully (top box score of 94%). This is an area of strength at Bright Roads. Sharing this data and recognizing the efforts of the medical staff is important.

2) Opportunities exist as it relates to explaining things in a way a patient can understand (top box score of 59%) and explaining medication (top box score of 65%). Consider conducting a training session with staff that focuses on key techniques geared towards making communication more effective. Staff can be trained to focus on assessing patients comprehension of information with a series of leading questions. Additionally, providing patients with written instructions that are written in simple laymens speak and are reviewed with the patients can be helpful.

3) Significant opportunities exist to improve the first impression of Bright Roads UCC. The patient satisfaction data indicates that they did not receive an appropriate greeting (top box score of 10%), the waiting room was unpleasant (top box score of 45%) and they did not understand the copay (16%). Bright Roads has an opportunity to markedly transform this experience. Providing the receptionist with constructive and helpful feedback, as well as customer service training is essential. Clearly define that it is the expectation that all patients are greeted and welcomed upon entering. Additionally, Bright Roads can re-design the waiting room to project a more patient friendly and interactive space. Television sets can be installed, I Pads could be issued to patients whilst waiting to reduce perceived wait times and drive patients to utilize the Bright Roads PHR and website. Additionally, Bright Roads can capitalize on this captive audience and passively market its services and tell its story in pictures on the walls, marketing material and magazine.

Overall Assessment of Strengths and Weaknesses

As an organization, Bright Roads has made several improvements that have contributed to its operational strengths, which have resonated with its patient population.

Improvements include

1) Patients have responded positively to improved access. When the Bright Roads Outpatient Pharmacy increased its hours of operation, 65% of people said this would contribute to additional visits.

2) Bright Roads is currently providing relevant information that is meaningful to the end user. 45% of patients reported the new Social Media page was relevant.

3) Improvements made to web page design have had a marked impact with 65% of the patients perceiving that Bright Roads was highly professional and focused on patient care. The CFO indicated that leads and services increased by 20% over the past 6 months that were directly attributable to improvements made on the web and with social media.

Despite great improvement, opportunities still exist that Bright Roads can harness to improve the patient experience and generate increased utilization of its services.

1) Patients have felt that an inundation of information has had a negative effect on their perception of Bright Roads. 75% of patients reported that the e-newsletter was intrusive and not a benefit. The CFO indicated that Bright Roads had brought on a FT staff writer for newsletters and this individual was sending out emails weekly. Bright Roads should consider more of a revolving message where in a newsletter is sent with less frequency (perhaps monthly) and is coupled by different variations of “touches.” Harnessing the power of social media with posts, video testimonial could alert patients in a less direct manner that would be perceived as less obtrusive.

2) The CFO indicated that mailers were sent out promoting the PHR to local elderly citizens and this yielded virtually no effect or increase in PHR utilization. This strategy should be re-considered as the target market for the PHR may not be the elderly. This demographic is less trusting and thus less likely to break traditional norms and utilize electronic means of service. A more amenable target demographic would be the 30-45 year old professionals. Promoting the accessibility and ease of a PHR would resonate better with business professionals that are more comfortable utilizing technology to meet their needs. Additionally, many individuals in this age demographic are caretakers for their elderly parents. By engaging them, this might have the dual effect of promoting utilization of the PHR for their elderly parents.

3) The likelihood to recommend the outpatient pharmacy was ranked low in the recent satisfaction survey with only 40% of respondents indicating they would refer a friend to the pharmacy due to the wait times. While access is certainly linked to overall satisfaction and likelihood to recommend, if the access is nullified by long wait times and a negative experience, than it negates the additional pharmacy hours. Bright Roads should consider its financial position and the investment it is willing to make to meet this objective. If funds can be allocated for increased staffing or operational efficiencies can be implemented that would result in decreased wait times, than it would be prudent to consider the program for extending outpatient pharmacy hours of operations. However, if such financial means cannot support the extended hours than Bright Roads should consider revoking the extended hours as it cannot maintain the same levels of service with this operational model.

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