Learning Styles Inventory.

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Learning Styles Inventory.

Learning Styles Introduction In education, there are many learning techniques that differ both in models and styles. Moreover, there are some learning styles that are more widely used than others. The most used models are the kinesthetic, visual, and auditory models that were developed by Neil Fleming. who was both a high school and university teacher.

Visual learners generally absorb information by means of vision. that is, seeing and letting the images to be stored in their brains. However, they are easily distracted in an environment where noise is present. On the other hand, verbal media is the preferred platform for exchange information for auditory learners. They are generally talkative and the best way for them to understand a concept is by talking about it (Bixler, 2010). The Kinesthetic learner, on the other hand, learns best by going through an activity. They prefer carrying out the activity in a practical way rather than listening to a teacher giving a lecture or carrying out a demo.

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Learning Styles Inventory.
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Learning Styles Inventory.

As a student, it is important that one understands his or her learning style as it will help them adopt study habits that are in line with their learning style. This will not only make the learning process easy but will also go a long way in ensuring that the student performs better in his or her studies (The Center for New Discoveries in Learning, 2012).

Being a public relations student, the major reason for seeking a college education is to ensure that I can obtain the required knowledge for public speaking and handling clients because my job will entail a lot of that. Therefore, as the study indicates that I am an auditory learner, I totally agree with it because I best learn by hearing and speaking. As I listen to the lecture, I form a mental picture of what is being said, and as I read, I internalize the whole concept that is being taught. This is important because as a student I should be able to picture the whole concept of what is going on (Bixler, 2010).

In the public relation sector, listening and talking is key, therefore, while developing this skill, I am laying a good foundation for my future career. As a public relations officer I should be able to listen carefully and get the whole concept of what is being discussed. Furthermore, I should be an eloquent speaker who can relate well to the clients, understand the whole concept and relay the necessary solutions.

Learning Styles Inventory.

It can be concluded that many people use or prefer varied learning styles that come with various techniques. While many may have learning styles that can be said to be dominant. that is, highly used than the others, it should be known that there is no style that is fixed neither is there any combination of styles that can be said to be right. What is important is that one should understand the learning style that will ensure success in their undertakings. Therefore, it is important to develop the styles that you have been using less often while perfecting on the one that you use most. This will ensure that you are well balanced as a student.


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