learning style theory in post secondary education.

It is evidently clear from the discussion that the ideology of learning styles can be considered somewhat not yet established deduction regarding the observation that there is an exhibition of preference by many, over certain interactions of learning compared to others. Taking such a concept, the ideology of personalized “learning styles” was realized and afterwards popularized by the renowned “Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Model”. There are many types of the models used in the implementation of learning styles. The occurrence of the auditory learning style involves the art of listening to the spoken word. The other model is the Kinesthetic learning that occurs via acting and interacting. Eventually, the visual learning involves looking at mind-maps, images, body language and demonstrations. The theory of learning models aims at explaining why school grades, classroom performance, and aptitude tests often than not, fail in identifying ones real ability. The Learning Style Profiler is a new measurement by Professor Chris Jackson that aimed at implementing a neuropsychological learning model in personality. The approach argues that Sensation Seeking presents a key biological motivation of learning, exploration and curiosity. He notes that a high exploration drive results in consequences of dysfunctional learning. Evidence regarding this argument alleges impression although it is yet to be verified through independent research. (Jackson, 2005). As early as the 70s, a research body on learning conducted a holistic exploration, active perspective of strategies and approaches – in contrast to styles – which accounts for the previous events’ effects, contextual feelings and experiences. This research body based in the UK has been operation for a period of twenty five years, drawing on the contributions of Marton and Saljo and Pask , additionally, from Northern Europe, there is a renowned model of learning, Vermunt’s is used. Vermunt’s model is referred to as the Inventory of Learning Styles (ILS). The model is influential especially in the institution of higher education (Vermunt, 1994). The ILS models in its broader view states that, learners are highly influenced by the contextual and strategies. there resultant is a multifaceted perspective of teaching. The ILS emphasis motivates a pedagogy approach that is broad thus encompassing institutional culture, subject discipline , previous experience of students’ and the manner of organizing and assessing the curriculum. Every other theory belonging to this learning family tend to elevate ‘styles’ as they favor ‘approaches’ and ‘strategies’ since past ideologies regarding styles improved the ideology of particular interventions with an intention of to matching existing styles or encouraging a styles’ repertoire (Honey & Mumford, 1992). The Entwistle’s model features a strategy describing the manner in which learners decide to address a particular task of learning. By adopting such a strategy, they account for the perceived demands. The approach is thus less fixed compared to a style. a style tends to be a wider characterization of the manner in which students show general preference in tackling tasks of learning (Entwistle, 1998). Some of the general support of ILS is that the application is on learning and thinking of students in the university. It implements new versions used in preparing for learning at work as well as 16–18 age group students. The approach is featured in studying various styles of learning for both the students and teachers themselves. Regarding the design of the model, the approach can be described as an experientially grounded approach that involved interviewing of students.

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 learning style theory in post secondary education.
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