Learning Activity #1

In your readings on ethics in international business there were numerous examples of well-known human shortcomings experienced by transnational companies (companies operating in more than one country) such as fraud, bribery, corruption, sleaze and deception across all cultures. In the face of such a pessimistic state of affairs, a critical question is how can we ensure companies adhere to ethical conduct in the operations of transnational businesses? If you were developing a set of guiding principles for transnationals to consider in their ethical decision making, what are some things that you would include and why?  What ethical theories would be your guiding principles and why? (170 words is enough with reference)

Learning Activity #2

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Learning Activity #1
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In the US the ratio of CEO pay to that of ordinary workers is 500:1 or even greater. If this high ratio is objectionable, what if anything should be done about it? How should it be done? And who should do it?

(170 words is enough with reference)

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