Leadership Power of Women. 

The book is divided into three sections. All essays falling under the three sections have the common theme of empowering women. Part One is titled “Reimagining Power.” Part Two is titled “Paths of Power.” And Part Three is titled “A New Power in the World.”

“Part One: Reimagining Power” asserts that power should not exclusively be viewed as the masculine tendency to acquire wealth, status, and other external aspects of power. It should also be viewed as a way of being and becoming. Power is simply internally derived. Women function with that assumption in mind, and this should be respected and not be misconstrued that women are weak.

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One of the ways that power can be re-imagined is by viewing it as a source of economic power. Riane Eisler in her essay “The Economics of the Enlightened Use of Power” reports the findings of the United Nations that the status of women in a particular country is a much better predictor of quality of life than leading economic indicators such as the Gross Domestic Product. Furthermore, in the same essay, it is reported that more gender inequality is correlated strongly with high incidences of illiteracy. Knowledge of the unique contribution of women to the betterment of the quality of life certainly should give them dignity. Hence, it is not necessary that women acquire too much assertiveness or money in order to be powerful.

“Deeper Power by Carol Anderson and Patricia Shafer also illustrates the last point. They point out that the perception of power is an important consideration. Whatever a person considers as the source of power will mean a very big difference whether that person will feel empowered or not. For example, consider the story of Patricia. Her education, which she thought originally as her source of power, almost deprived her of the true power. Her training made her try being assertive as a man.

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