Leadership Interview Paper.

or the final round of the interview was the main part of the selection process as it aimed to analyze the leadership quality of the interviewee and evaluate his leadership knowledge implementation skill.

Leadership is a quality of a human being by which he or she can effectively control a group of people or situation. It is a tough ability which affects the behavior of any human being for accomplishing a mission. It is the quality to influence or motivate single or a group of people to go ahead towards the assigned goal and achieve the goal. All these can be summarized as that, a leader is simply someone who has the ability to create a path and lead others to follow it. So without any experience no one can be a leader i.e. he should have comparatively better knowledge from others i.e. the follower then only he can lead a group of people.

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A leader needs to have some essential previous experiences to become a leader and that would be very helpful to develop the leadership style of a person. One is working in a team as well as leading the team by the knowledge and skills and proper understanding of group dynamics. To lead a team or group of people who are involved in similar kind of work, the person or group leader needs to have better knowledge of and expertise on the particular work than other team members. It is only then that he or she can guide or lead the team and can motivate the members to go forward to achieve the assigned goal effectively.

Second important experience that a leader needs to have is protesting against an unfaithful and unethical happening and encouraging his followers to do that as well. If a person is guiding a group of people the person can be called a successful leader only when his or her followers follow his positive or negative path of direction to achieve the goal. 

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