Leadership in Global Health Care.

ctiveness, and agility whereas her negative attributes include being judgmental, occasional lack of understanding, and too much kindness, so I would like her to change her negative attributes while strengthening the positive ones.

As a nurse, my mother has to deal with patients on daily basis. Patients come from different backgrounds, have different cultures and ethnicities. Some speak English well while others do not. Some act restless because of the pain of their injury, illness, or disease, while others are frustrated by the environment of the hospital. It is not uncommon for a patient to lose his temper for no good reason. In such times, my mother remains patient and maintains her cool. She immediately attends them, and tries to address their concern. Likewise, my mother is often suddenly called on duty which is not scheduled. She might have to serve in place of a nurse on-leave. She tends to understand it and does not mind. “Good leaders are patient” (Adventure Scouts USA, 2007).

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Leadership in Global Health Care.
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My mother is quite pro-active in her approach. She remains completely aware of the present circumstances, and tends to forecast the future depending upon them. For example, she always maintains two sets of documents, one in hard copy and one in soft copy to make sure she has another version available if one is somehow lost. Before going on duty, she has the list of tasks to do ready with her so that nothing is delayed or missed out.

My mother is very active. She follows a weight-loss as well as energy-boosting plan. She takes several short meals in a day that help her maintain a high metabolism. Most of these meals are based on fresh fruits and vegetables. In addition, she jogs for at least 20 minutes in the morning. She is not weight-conscious as she is already very smart. She does all this to maintain a high energy level. She says that controlling diet and doing exercise helps her remain active throughout the day both physically and mentally.

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