Leadership Features and Disparity Which Vary Men and Women.

Let’s take the example of Fortune 500 companies, most of the people employed at the top positions such as Chairperson, President, Chief Executive Officer, and Chief Operating Officer are men. However, there were only 6% of women employees on these top positions and 15% were also present in the Board of Directors of these companies.

Such disparity in the business world is evident in every country especially in the developed nations worldwide. In the European Union, out of fifty nations that are operating as the trading organizations, women were found 11% on senior positions and only 4% as Chief Executive Officer.

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Leadership Features and Disparity Which Vary Men and Women.
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In 1986, two individuals from the Wall Street Journal suggested an answer for such disparity for top position employees in organizations. They believed that women managed to get to the senior rankings with immense difficulty as there are various blockages in the paths destined for these positions. The exclusive group appeared within their hold, however, they just couldn’t smash through the so-called ‘glass ceiling’. This situation captured the association of aggravation among women and demonstrated reverberation regarding those high aims which are visible, but someway unachievable (Grogan, 2010).&nbsp. &nbsp.

There was a period in which there were many obstacles for women. For instance, in the 80s, it was difficult to assume a woman getting to the senior position. This viewpoint was further embedded by Richard Nixon, the President of the USA, which was recorded in the White House and published in the form of Freedom of Information Act. He stated that no woman is suitable for managing the positions in government bodies. the main reason emphasized by him was that women lack consistency and they are highly emotional.

Moreover, according to the President, women keep on changing their attitudes towards work and are simply unable to comprehend with responsibility and seriousness towards the job. However, he also said that most men are also emotional and variable and still they are better performers in comparison to the women.

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