Leadership and Management develpment. 

 Leadership and Management develpment. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Lose of social networks is among the major reasons why employees sent on overseas assignments may feel dissatisfied with their jobs. Even when the assignment might come with higher financial prospects, many expatriates miss the social support accorded to them by fellow employees and others in their circles (Ducharme and Martin, 2000). Employees of multinationals who are sent on oversees assignments find it hard to establish social ties with those from the local communities and are therefore not able to learn about the culture of host country. According to Maney and Stevenson (2001), the lack of social interaction between expatriates and locals is because of the perceived difference in both social and economic differences between the two groups.

The expatriate might be isolated from the locals due to a number of reasons language barriers being a major factor. Daily, Trevis and Dalton (2000) notes when employees feel isolated, they are bound to experience high levels of stress especially when it is combined with having to work in a new and unfamiliar business environment, hardship in cross cultural adjustment as well as lack of enough information about work environment coming from the headquarters. Further, some employees fear that their career development is not well examined when they are on international duties. Lack of close contact with the headquarters makes the employee on international assignment feel that there career will not develop as planned due to the reduced contact with superiors and colleagues.

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Leadership and Management develpment. 
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Organizations with leadership and management development programmes should define job satisfaction

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