Leaderhip and management in resusitation.

 leaderhip and management in resusitation. Loss of time and error in the Resuscitation Department are paid dearly by the patient’s increased risk of morbidity (Rosen et al., 2008). In this scenario, there is an incessant demand for the healthcare team in the ERD to hone not only their specific individual and professional skills, but that they should learn to coordinate and work effectively as a team (Cooper and Wakelam, 1999. Sarcevic, Marsic, Waterhouse, Stockwell, and Burd, 2011).

The high stress scenario of ERD is not an imagined reality. In fact, it is an actuality that is encountered daily by the healthcare team that is assigned in the ERD. Typically, the healthcare team only has 20 minutes to work together to “(1) stabilize the patient by (2) rapidly identifying life-threatening injuries. (3) determine the extent of the injury. (4) develop a plan for definitive surgical management of the patient” (Sarcevic et al, 2011, p. 229). Generally, the team is composed of 7 -15 members and they include an attending surgeon, surgical residents or fellows, nurses, an orthopaedic surgeon, an anaesthesiologist, a respiratory therapist, a pharmacist and an X-ray technician (Sarcevic et al., 2011). Additional specialist may be added to the team depending on the need of the patient.

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 Leaderhip and management in resusitation.
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In this regard, it can be inferred that the health care team in ERD is technically an interdisciplinary team that have come together for the primary purpose of providing the patient with the initial care that the patient crucially needs. With this perspective, this research will delve on the critical function of nurses-Resuscitation Officer in the ERD. Specifically, this research will focus on the impact of nursing leadership and management in the discharge of the functions of Resuscitation Officer in the Resuscitation Department.

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