Law Enforcement Agencies and the Judicial System. 

According to the study findings police departments and courts or judicial officers where discrimination is carried out without remorse or fear of the resultant effects. The law enforcement agencies and judicial systems have strayed from their ideal duty of treating all Americans equally. The discriminatory practices are carried out in the form of racism, employment, social groups, gender and judicial punishment and sentence.

As the discussion stresses systematic racism entangles police office where young black officers are on the receiving end. The discriminatory practice in the police force does not take into account the fines and punishment that comes with violating racism codes within a government office. The problem is severe when the police target young black men. For example in Baltimore and Maryland State Police Departments, there are strong biases against young black men who are perceived to be drug peddlers in the streets. The way policing is done is skewed on the basis of race, and it does not matter if it is a black or white cop. The problem is part of US since it was founded and has targeted the minorities in the state. The policing tactics affect the way they handle crime in neighborhoods dominated by black people. Implicit bias comes into play when police officers use personal and racial oriented tactics. Law enforcement agencies perpetuate racial discrimination when conducting patrols. The officers target poor, crime neighborhoods with segregated populations.

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Law Enforcement Agencies and the Judicial System. 
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