Border Security Issues One of the areas of concern for United Nations Office on Drugs & Crime (UNODC) is that corruption has become a crime against prosperity. Department of homeland security is in charge of keeping the borders safe from all external threats. According to Payan, most of the people who reside along the American and Mexico border are not blind to the existing corruption. The U.S side of the border which is referred to some researchers as Amexica is home to so many problems. Most Americans may think the U.S officials are not fraudulent but believe that there are several elements who are corrupt (Payan, 2006). For example, there are those who believe that all it takes is an automatic green light indication by one official, for a truck full of illegal immigrants, weapons or drugs to pass through the border (Payan, 2006).

Public corruption in Amexica, stems deep to the point that people know it is difficult to apply for documents like driver’s license, company license, permits and other documents unlike in other parts of United States. According to Kolb (2013), a Fox news journalist, studies show that corruption is on the rise, among the border patrol agents. Illegal immigrants also know that in order to live comfortably and protect their illegal businesses from police intrusion, bribing their way in is the best solution. However, corruption is not only a problem in Amexica because it affects both United States and Mexico (Payan, 2006). Corruption of this kind poses a risk to the social, political and economic prosperity of a country. For example, porous borders have forced investors to hold back in fear of losing their investments, causing a slow economic growth to the areas next to Amexica. Mexican citizens no longer trust in the law enforcers, that is why they live in fear and continue to cross the border as illegal immigrants.

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As noted in this discussion, public corruption (PC) ultimately affects everyone whether it is in Amexica, at work or other communities. It raises questions such as: should mandatory jail time only apply to illegal migrants only? Border officials, civil servants and citizens involved in harboring illegal migrants should face the full force of the law. Discipline can only be achieved if law penalties are applicable to all parties involved in corruption.


Payan, T. (2006). The three U.S-Mexico border wars: Drugs, immigration, and homeland security. Santa Barbara, CA: Greenwood Publishing Group.

Kolb, J. (Photographer). (2013, Jan 15). Study finds corruption on rise among border agents, rep says security ‘at risk’ [Fox News Channel]. Retrieved from http://www.foxnews.

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