1. 12 point font, Times New Roman, 1 inch margins, double spaced
  2. Submitted to the D2L dropbox The dropbox will be open starting March 20th.  No late submissions will be accepted.  Any instance of plagiarism will result in a zero and an F for the course.
  3. 750 word minimum, 1000 word maximum.
  4. Do NOT attempt to take up space by unnecessarily long name/date/class/professor identification paragraphs at the beginning.

Current Events Writing Problem:

Find 2-3 current event articles from news sources that demonstrate one or more of the issues that we have discussed in class up to this point.  Identify the issue(s) and explain how it relates to business law.  Things you may want to consider in your essay:

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  • Where in the legal process the issue is, i.e. is this issue currently in the legal system or is it an issue that may soon be in the legal system 
  • What outcomes may result from the conclusion of this issue
  • How will this affect other businesses, employees, or the general public
  • Based on this issue, should the law be changed, or is the current law going to result in an appropriate outcome 

A grading rubric is attached for your reference. You may use any outside resources as long as you cite them and all articles must be properly cited using APA.

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