latinos and racism in the crime justice system (sentencing/perception/law enforcement).

 From the data available on the use of race, the Latinos and the African Americans top the list of individuals that have had racial discrimination and profiling by the criminal system (Hallsworth & Young, 2008). The reason for the racial discrimination is based on the negative social reputation in the society. This social reputation stems out of the aspects like education, poverty, and employment.

To address the level of discrimination that is based on race within the criminal justice system, the use of policy is a substantive method. This paper proposes the use of all-inclusive reforms in social systems to curb the continued use of racial profiling and discrimination within the system.

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 latinos and racism in the crime justice system (sentencing/perception/law enforcement).
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The problem identified here is that a majority of the Hispanics are likely to be stopped, frisked, detained and even sentenced for a crime. This is their perception or associations that the justice system have developed on the members of this group. These associations are caused by the problems ranging from to poverty to the low level of education and unemployment in the group.

Crime and poverty are closely related in a country or a region. The relation between the two is traced to the level of activities both social and economic that can thrive in a crime prone region. Many studies have noted that it is difficult, or the business activities that transpire in low-income areas are limited. It is, therefore, difficult to generate a significant income that can sustain an individual. The result of this condition is that will force individuals living in the poverty regions to engage in crime or have limited income generating processes (Saitō, 2008).

Most of the crimes committed due to poverty are not violent actions but are related to theft and drug abuse. In extreme cases, child labor or the performance of very odd jobs to sustain a living is involved. Poverty alleviation has several advantages to the government.

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