Ladders and stairways safety.

Stairway or ladder is considered as essential to provide to the employees when nineteen inches or more elevation has to be made without any ramp, embankment, runway or personal hoist. It should be kept in mind that it is mandatory for the employers to provide its employees a ladder or a stairway in every such point of transition.

If the two levels are joined by only one point of transition employers should keep that point clear of any obstacles so that the employees are ensured of a free passage of movement. However even after taking adequate precaution if that transit point gets clumsy so that the movement of the employees gets severely restricted, the employer should prepare a second point of transition between the same two levels and provide its access to their employees.

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Ladders and stairways safety.
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Furthermore if on from the very beginning or in the course of work a certain working place gets more than once access point between two levels the employers have to ensure that one of the transit point must be open for all the time and it should be cleared of any obstacle as well.

A culmination of cautiousness, precaution and technology has to be used to ensure ladder safety at work place. To avoid slipping hazards ladder should be kept free of any slippery materials such as oil, grease and other form of oily element. Even to maintain a ladder use of all these products are strictly prohibited. Even after taking all the precautionary measures, if somehow the surface of the steps catches oil immediate wipe is strictly recommended.

Each type of ladder is constructed with a certain objective and using them for their particularly purpose would not only ensure their longevity but it will also keep away several unwanted incidents. While putting a ladder into use the surface quality must be carefully watched. 

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