lack of consolidated measurement tool in client service 

Most of the business components are very difficult to measure. And in particular, it is difficult to measure the client services. This is because of the need to employ a cross-channel, data-intensive approach and an underlying technology that support the cross channel and intensive data (Haven & Vittal, 2008). As a result, it is necessary to employ measurement tools in order to understand such components. This paper proposes an investigation of the lack of consolidated measurement tools for measuring client services. The paper explains the research problem that would be investigated, a research question that would be addressed, objectives that should be achieved, and the benefits that would be obtained from the investigation.

Companies have been using several measurement tools to measure client service. Each of these tools has its advantages as well as disadvantages. One of the most common measurement tools used by the companies to measure client service is the business outcome. Most companies believe that an increase in the outcome of business indicates an improvement in customer loyalty resulting from improved client services. However, none of the companies in the industries of our economy has adapted a consolidated measurement tool for client services. The problem that would be addressed by the proposed investigation would be lack of one consolidated system to measure performance in terms of statistics and productivity in a bank. The bank that would be used in investigating this problem would be identified among the operation of the one in the United States. It would be either a national banking institution or an international banking institution.

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lack of consolidated measurement tool in client service 
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Client services encompass any service provided to a customer. These services are mainly aimed at addressing a particular need of the customer. When a customer visits or calls an organization, his expectations are to obtain the best solutions to his present problems. The company might have the ability to solve the problem of the customer at that particular moment. However, it might also be unable to solve that problem at that moment. This might be due to running out of stock or not dealing with the&nbsp.products that the customer wants.&nbsp.

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