Knowledge to Enhance Quality of Care in Adult Nursing.

 Enhance Quality of Care in Adult Nursing. Your paper should be a minimum of 2000 words in length. Personal and professional development encompasses all aspects of the profession. The Nurse once registered becomes a member of the Nurses and Midwifery Council and is expected to act within a framework of the competencies prescribed. Pursuant to the requirement of learning and self-development, the policy of the council expects that the member should be always willing and be ready for further development as a member. It is the duty of the member to keep acquiring knowledge and getting acquainted with the profession throughout the career. Thus the member should be able to grasp solutions quickly whenever faced with new problems. The member should be always prepared to receive constructive feedback and learn from others. I have chosen this element for my overall personal and professional development. This exercise is vital for me at a time when I will be transitioning from the capacity of a student to that of a Registered Nurse. Adult nursing is the chosen area for my practice as a nurse. The future hospital setting will give me vast opportunities for exposure to adult nursing practice and I will be leaving no stone unturned to achieve my proficiency for the ultimate benefit of the patient community who will be reposing strong faith in the hospital assiduously developed my would-be predecessors and seniors at the hospital. (

There is a general impression that nursing students, who tend to be too academic while studying, become confused when they are suddenly faced with clinical practice. Hence it is all the more essential that I am not only equipped with theoretical preparation and but also with sufficient competence for clinical practice as nurses have to work in the environments that demand cognitive skills. It is with this in view, my faculty provides me with support, tolerance, patience and encouragement as I learn to absorb these values.&nbsp.

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Knowledge to Enhance Quality of Care in Adult Nursing.
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