Kierkegaard’s View on the Relationship between Faith and Reason

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Kierkegaard’s View on the Relationship between Faith and Reason. It needs to be at least 1250 words. Kierkegaard argues that faith is a priority to the point that it becomes positively irrational (Kierkegaard 25). However, Locke maintains reasonableness of faith to the extent of the irrationality of a religious doctrine. Other thinkers also reason that faith and reason are governed by their separate domains to the extent that cases of apparent conflict are resolved on the side of faith when the claim in question is either theological or religious. Whereas, when the claim is logical or empirical, it is resolved on the side of reason.

Kierkegaard’s arguments about faith were not in tandem with the mainstream opinion held by most traditional religious groups (Kierkegaard 53). Known as ‘Christian Socrates’ due to the way he challenged religious beliefs, his faith is one of the individualistic re-choosing of faith in the face of impossibilities. He believed that most Christians held inauthentic faith pegged on doctrine and obedience, which he strongly criticized. He maintained that the movement of faith is upon every individual who subscribes to any religious doctrine and his or her personal relationship with the impossible. He believed that what most people called ‘faith’ is actually ‘hope’ because hope demonstrates a probability of something coming true.

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Kierkegaard’s View on the Relationship between Faith and Reason
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Whereas, faith is the total belief in something even if one knows it is impossible and futile believing in. Kierkegaard further asserts that hope is irrelevant in the realms of impossibility, but only faith does. He further alludes that when one chooses to have authentic faith, there is an abandonment of reason. He maintained that faith is higher than reason since reason has limits while faith begins where those limits of reason end (Kierkegaard 16). This choice of faith is, therefore, not a one-time thing but a process. One must make steady and continuous movements of faith, repeatedly and constantly re-choose to forsake reason and totally believe in the impossible. This view asserts that re-choosing is a cyclical process with no developmental progress, one just re-choose the same thing repeatedly.

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