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Outlining a paper before you begin writing helps you organize your thoughts in a clear and concise way. A strong outline details each topic in your paper, from the introduction to the conclusion. 
A great resource for outline and paper:
Example of Outline 
Fast Food and Health
Thesis: Although fast food is a cheap alternative for many people, the negative effects of a high caloric and high saturated fat diet on the health and well-being of our population far outweighs any positive economic influence.
I. Food Availability 
                A.  Convenience 
                B.  Affordability
1. Limited healthy food choices for low-income population 
           II. Food Costs 
A. Healthier foods tend to be more expensive.
B. SNAP credits
C. Portion Sizes 
1. Supersize me- Portion changes from the 70’s
           III. Health Impact
                 A.  Disease- Obesity, Diabetes 
1. Diabetes and obesity epidemic
2. Impact of processed food loaded with simple sugars and fat
           IV. Prevention
A. Smart Choices 
1. Healthy eating on a budget
2. Planning ahead
Include references that you have been using to provide information 
( See )
Example: Perry, S 2017, Food insecurity linked to 10 major chronic diseases, MinnPost, accessed 15 August 2018, <>

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