Julian Adderley Jazz Musician.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Julian Adderley Jazz Musician. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Julian Adderley played the alto saxophone. his critics appreciated his upbeat style. He was the eldest in their family. He had two younger brothers. &nbsp.His father was a celebrated coronate player and a revered musical performer. He encouraged his children Cannonball and Nat to exploit their musical talents. Nat followed his father’s musical style and preferred the coronet while Adderley preferred the alto saxophone that he progressed well with. Over the years, he learned to play soprano, flute, as well as a tenor sax. Adderley died in August 1975, succumbing to diabetes (Gridley 35).

Julian earned his nickname Cannonball while in high school for his appetite for food. He won many awards through his smooth jazz songs that carried messages of love, hope, and humor that people across ages could identify with and relate to. He had a very effective band that performed concerts in many events within Europe as well as outside Europe. After graduating from high school, Adderley joined A & M University in Florida where he studied reed and brass instruments. Upon graduating in 1948, he remained in Florida for many years, working as band director at Dillard High School. By the start of 1950, his music was hugely recognized and had gone beyond the local music. his music was now popular among people from outside Florida (Gridley 67). In 1955, together with Nat, they moved to New York City. Here, they formed a musical band that they christened the Connonball Adderley Quintet. Later in the same year, he played a cameo at a popular nightclub and was a favorite among his now growing number of admirers and enthusiasts.

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Notable about his style was the upbeat, fast-paced style he exhibited. Soon, great jazz players and godfathers recognized him and wanted to sign contacts with him. He dissolved the band in 1957 and joined Miles Davis’s band group. Adderley performed alongside Bill Evans and John Coltrane and played a significant role in the production of landmark albums, Milestones (1958), and Kind of Blue (1959). Not only was Adderley a talented Jazz performer, but he was also its greatest defender.

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