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Please read these assignment instructions before writing your paper, and re-read them often during and after the writing process to make sure that you are fulfilling all of the instructions. Please also utilize the assignment guidance and the template provided.

Week 2’s assignment asks you to write an essay paper on a job description that you would do for the position you mentioned in your initial introduction post on the first day in class. For example, if I wrote that my future career goal was to be a Human Resource Manager, I would write this paper on the basis of the tasks, tools, technology, knowledge, skills, abilities, and educational requirements that I would need to be a human resource manager. You have to pick something, so if you weren’t clear in the introduction or were indecisive, now is the time to make that decision. For this assignment, you should be using and citing O*Net to assist you with finding those relative tasks and duties. Once you go to this website, you just enter the career field or industry closest to what you want to do and pull from there. I do not expect to see you copy and paste from this website. This is a formally written academic assignment, so you should have a narrative throughout the entire paper, not writing it like an actual job description. If you want to attach an appendix of the job description you can, but that is not required. Only that you address each and every part of the assignment instructions (and there are 2 areas where there are instructions). Use bullet points only sparingly and there should still be a narrative that further describes your bullet points.

I will be running your papers through to check for plagiarism per the university expectations (to check against websites, other authors, and previous student’s submissions), so all work must be original to you or cited according to APA citation / reference guidelines.

Your paper should be a formal written narrative paper complete with a title page, introduction, headings and subheadings for each section, written conclusion, and a reference page. Make sure that you are including specific headings for each section as listed below:  1. Heading: Primary Functions of “x” Position. (For this assignment, the primary function of the job description paper is to increase understanding of your current, or a prospective, position. The following areas of the job description should be considered. You should include a heading section for each of the below listed areas so I know which part of the question you are addressing in which part of the written paper):

  • Tasks (Subheading)
  • Tools and Technology (Subheading)
  • Knowledge (Subheading)
  • Skills and Abilities (Subheading)
  • Educational Requirements (Subheading)

Heading 2: Ways to Advertise or Recruit – After you have listed the above mentioned areas of the job description from the vantage point of your chosen position in a narrative format (not bullet points), provide two or more ways that you would advertise or recruit someone for that position (see chapter 4 of the textbook).

2. Heading: Assessment Methods – In a separate section, include a description of at least two methods of assessment used when recruiting qualified candidates

4. Heading – Appropriateness of Assessment Methods – In a separate section, discuss why these two assessment methods would be most appropriate.

If you have any questions or need clarification, please do so BEFORE the assignment is due. I work during the day on the day this assignment is due and won’t be responding to emails in time to help you get the clarification you need.  You should be following the APA 6th Edition Guidelines for this written assignment as I have stated in the course expectations and syllabus. NOTES:

The instructor guidance and general manager job summary will provide information needed for the paper. 

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