Job description and analysis

Provide a 2 pages analysis while answering the following question: Job description and analysis. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Job and Analysis Lecturer: According to Harmening, some groups are unlikely to get beyond the storming stage and therefore it is necessary for Katie to approach the issue strategically. It is clear that the imbalance caused at the forming stage as a result of Helen’s entry has had a negative impact on the group’s performance. The second option offered by Harmening of rearranging the group may not be appropriate since all the members play a significant role in its entirety. Moreover, the already developed negative attitude of the earlier group towards Helen may be escalated by removal of any member as this would mean favouritism towards her. On the other hand, removing Helen from the group may result in the loss of her exceptional knowledge and skills from the group. This leaves the Harmening’s first option whereby Katie can make efforts to smooth out the process. She needs to understand clearly the genesis of the problem through talking to the group members and encouraging them to raise particular issues that they think should be addressed. A careful analysis of the group’s responses will offer a good foundation towards smoothing out the process.

Task analysis is necessary in this situation to determine the whether Helen is properly equipped to perform her tasks effectively. Without proper equipment and space, she may certainly desire to use other people’s working space which might be more appealing than her own. If she has all the requirements and doesn’t perform her tasks on time, then she needs to be asked to explain the reasons and also to be reminded to pay attention to the time limit for completion of the tasks. On the other hand, if her knowledge and skills demand greater responsibility, her tasks can be adjusted to keep her engaged in the extra time in which she has been roaming to co-workers (Harmening 175). Katie needs to develop a list of duties for all members of the group including Helen and to ensure that all of them understand their tasks and that no one should interfere with those of another person unless when asked to help. Interaction within the group should be aimed at increasing efficiency and not lowering the speed of performing tasks (Harmening 177).

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Job description and analysis
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All employees need to understand the employer’s expectations and hence a performance evaluation should not come as a surprise for Helen. Katie needs to make Helen understand the trend in the turnaround time since she joined the group. This revelation should enlighten Helen with regards to her role in this new development without causing her embarrassment (Harmening 180). The target for the evaluation is to understand Helen’s interaction with co-workers and therefore Katie can effectively apply criteria-based performance testing. Katie needs make Helen aware of her valuable input with regards to the lab tests, judgment, attendance and reliability, which is necessary to maintain her motivation to maintain competence. On the other hand, she should politely unfold the issues emerging from the other employees regarding her irritating behaviour. With this knowledge, Helen will be willing to listen to Katie’s view concerning workplace interactions with other employees to develop a better working relationship that is necessary to increase the group’s efficiency and reduce the turnaround time.


Harmening, D. M. Laboratory Management Principles and Processes. Florida, D.H. Publishing & Consulting Inc. 2007.

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