Japanese loses during Pacific war.

According to Merriam (1999, 38), the attack started at 7Am on 7th December 1941. The day of the attack by the Japanese forces is widely referred “the day of infamy”. The U.S. president Roosevelt named the day of infamy because it happened at time when most people were heading to Church. The attacked of Pearl Harbor was possible because many people were unaware. Most of the Americans were preoccupied with the day activities. it was Sunday morning and most people were heading to Church.

Fitzgerald (2006) reveals that it was a few minutes to eight in the morning when most of the U.S. troops were still on bed. Others were having breakfast when they heard sound of the Japanese planes. Because they had no idea that they were under attack, some thought that it was the American planes. The first bomb dropped still they could not think the planes were for Japanese.

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Japanese loses during Pacific war.
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Based on my view, the main objective of the Japanese during the attack was to catch the Americans unaware. In early Sunday morning, most people were not awaked, others were preparing for the big day, the day being Sunday, and the Japanese presumed that they will catch the U.S. forces and the residence unaware. It is true based on the studies above that most people were not sure of eminent attack. this was an advantage to the attackers because Americans could not respond and counter the Japanese. However, the decision to attack the island early Sunday morning was made based on Spies. The next paragraph explains how this was made.

Bernard Kuhn is one of the spies fixed on the Pearl Harbor without anyone knowing. Merriam (1999, 42) explains that a spy such as Kuhn was among the most trusted people on the Island. No one suspected that he was spying for Japanese government. Kuhn befriended everyone on the Island and blended successfully to the community on Pearl Harbor. The main objective here is that the Japanese wanted to continue their spying operation without Americans rising eyebrows.

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