In the Middle East, BDB is one of the leading service providers in gas, power, water and chemical industries providing maintenance, rehabilitation, construction, O&M and lifecycle services (Boudreau, 2008). It has an asset base of over £500 million and order intake of £58 million. It has over 1300 employees operating from Saudi Arabia, United Emirates and Kuwait. It parent company Bilfinger Power Systems GmbH AS AT 2012 had over 10,000 employees and an order intake of £1.178 million

For it to operate more effectively and serve a wide base of clients, BDB realized that it requires a network that will facilitate seamless communication between its diverse locations without compromising security of its resources. It has a number of departments including sales with 300 employees while other 900 employees are spread across Finance, Operations, Human Resources, Marketing, production and corporate office in 10 offices in United Arab Emirates. BDB network consist of a backbone, campus, data center, branch/WAN and Ethernet edge. Of late, it has reported a number of vulnerabilities and security breaches in its networks. Due to recent security breaches in the campus network BDB took a major step in 2012 and deployed a secure network provided sufficient security for its operations.

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Remote access will allow telecommuting employees to access to the main office resources without being necessarily being there. Security is a major concern for remote access and should be treated as such during network design process.

Because of the demands for seamless network access for remote and in-house users as well as security of internal resources, BDB contracted the services of a technology contractor to analyze the business needs and recommend a company-wide solution

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