Issues Facing LGBTQ community

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There are many issues facing the LGBTQ community. There will be only two issues that I will briefly mention here. The first issue facing the LGBTQ community is the silence of it in the schools. Schools nationwide need to add this to their curriculum so students know what the issues are and how to deal with them. Another issue facing the LGBTQ community is seen in Florida with the discrimination of school vouchers and scholarship programs. Many schools across the state of Florida had banned or looked down upon this community and did not let them attend their schools or provide the necessary funds (Blad, 2020, p.6).

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Issues Facing LGBTQ community
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The status of the LGBTQ community in the future

I personally believe the future of the LGBTQ community is going to be bright. Yes, historically and even today it does not look that great. But if we take a look at some recent events that have happened in the past. For example, Massachusetts was the first state to allow gay marriage in 2003 and in 2015, the federal government legalized gay marriage in all 50 states. Of course, all of this did not happen easily, it did not happen overnight, and it sure did not come without a fight from the opposition, but it finally came to fruition. Just like with all issues of history, everything takes time. I believe all or most of the issues facing the LGBTQ community will be solved with due time just like what I mentioned above.

How these issues affect the students in the classroom

These issues affect the students in the classroom in a couple of ways. The first affect on the children is that they are not properly educated on the terms or understand how they are to be used. If students are not properly informed on these issues then they will be discussing what they believe is correct and it could cause them trouble down the road. What I mean by this is that, if students know what the proper vocabulary terms are under the LGBTQ umbrella are and how to use them then they will be prepared to solve these issues better. If not, then we may still see some of the same issues stay around for a lot longer then we may anticipate.

Roles of teachers and administrators in these issues

All teachers and administrators should be properly trained in understanding the LGBTQ subject before they share it with their students. If these faculty members are well trained in this subject matter then they will be able to have a better discussion with their students. Students will have many questions and teachers need to be prepared to answer these questions or guide them to someone that will be able to better assist them. In our book (Bode and Nieto, 2018, p. 310-311) an English teacher named Ms. Sara introduced LGBTQ literature into her course beginning in 2001. Her goal is to properly educate the students in this subject matter and only provides literature that is written by member of the LGBTQ community and themes in the content.

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