Islamic Religion and Culture

Like many other Religion, Islam accommodates diversity of culture. The culture of the religion adheres to the laws and the doctrines of the Islamic movement. As a religion, it has broad and divergent parameters of rules and regulations. Nevertheless, most of the scholars have had difference opinions on whether Islam has its own distinct culture.
However, others have it in mind and are well placed of the universality of Islamic religion and culture. They insist and stress that is very wrong to be adamant upon the common culture theme. Moreover, they argue and explain that culture, in this case, is historical heritage which is passed from one generation to another. They state it clearly that transmitted in various realms like art, dressing, language or through other cultural norms and pursuits.
Islam as a religion, on the other hand, consists of various beliefs, acts of worship and other codes of conduct that govern their society. In this dictum, the research herein explicitly addresses Islamic culture and demonstrates and explains how the culture itself is in relation with the Classical Europe.

Culture motivates customs and traditions more than religion. However, there are some aspects of religion or culture which are wholesomely accepted by all the Muslims. A good example is that all Muslims believe in the existence of one God who is the creator of heavens and earth. They also believe in the Holy Scripture, Quran.
In addition, they also believe on the Day of Judgment which will befall all of them. Culturally speaking, there are several commonalities that they believe in and practice too. They believe in giving and doing charity work, they also maintain good balance between themselves and the sole creator. Most importantly, they show a lot of concern and care to the elderly people.
This is realized through building for them houses, buying clothes, providing food as well as medical services. As a matter of cultural practice, the Islam has a universal dressing code which is a distinctive and unifying factor to all of them. The code is respectful; it covers all the body parts, a sign of obedience to God and other people.
How Islamic Culture Relates with Classical Europe
Europeans has a magnified view and belief that they are the sole heirs of enlightenment. This notion has ill befitted most of the residents in majority of the European nations. For this reason, it has casted many reasons aside whenever there is any relationship or issue at hand between European with Islam and Muslim. For example, there has been antagonism with religion issue.
The German in this case are wont to show the Judeo-Christian tradition to be the chief cornerstone of identifying the European culture. The Islam in this case does not merit to be mentioned. Intellectuals make their reference to the Islamic Spain. Here, the Greek classics were basically translated by the Muslim and scholars from Jews and finally exported to the Christian West. Despite this fact, the Christian European still want to appear as if they are the light bearers to this advancement. The translation made by these Islamic scholars have secured them unpretentious place within the Europe`s cultural heritage.
For many years, Christians have always viewed Mohamed as a false prophet. This negative view has created a lot of squabbles between the two societies and even today, Christians view not Mohamed as a true prophet sent by God to his people. On this plinth, the attitude that the Islam has towards Judaism and Christianity is somehow different.
According to the Islam, they belong to the same monotheist traditions as embodied by the two sister faiths. To the Muslim, they highly value, connect and relates to them. This is evident because The Torah and the Gospel are highly respected. They are respected because they contain almost similar messages. In this regard, Moses and Jesus are regarded as prophets. However, Mohamed is the seal of Prophets and it is only Koran that has the true gospel of God.
In Islamic religion, there is a clear distinction between believers and the non believers.
This is not clearly stated among the Jews and the Christians. Although there is also no clear validity of who is a Jew or a non Jew or who is a Christian and heathens. This is a very complex issue to the Islamic community because the Koran and most of the theologians within Islam have the knowledge that when one believes in Jesus Christ as the only Son of Go, then all are close to God and are all Christians.
No aspect of discrimination of Jew and a non Jew and Christian and non Christian because all of them are compelled by the love of Jesus who died for them on the cross. Koran though states many reasons why Muslims are treated high and with decorum as the word of God says, because they are special being created in the image and likeness of God.
Another clear relationship shown is how the Jews and Christians have enjoyed the protection offered by the Muslim authorities. Both Jews and the Christians affirm and avow that there is only one God who is the creator of heavens and earth. In this acceptance, both the Jews and the Christians under the Islamic rule which also states that there is only one God, who is a supernatural being. Because of this fact, the non believing Christians are explicitly distinguished from this rule and it remains that the Islam are the sole initiators, the Christians and the Jews and just confined under it. The Muslim authority has shown how this privilege of knowing about one God is initiated by them and the even the non believer Christians are made to conform to it.
Islamic world stands at the highest viewpoint than the historical Christendom. Although its revitalization may be seen as a stupendous cultural achievement in Europe, but it was not of any sense to bring it in a harmonious. During the Islamic rule, there were some staunch members who were compelled to persecutions and were even forced to and subjected to pogroms. The subjections were not much exceptional of the religiously sanctioned rules. To a great extent, religious tolerance is practiced in the Islamic community up to today.
In most of the chief Islamic societies, the religious and officially permitted categories, which are obtained from the Koran, are used today and they have remained in force. This is only subjected to the Muslims, the non Muslims are not subjected it. On the same note, those who are not Muslims are denied the same rights in some walks of life. They can be barred from attending to some services like maintaining or reconstructing the synagogues and temple. This is so because they are not allowed to proselytize. Also, they are deterred from offering some of the special services in within the offices.

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