Investigation of Violent, Property, and Other Crimes

Sexual Assault LawsWhat are the specific laws of Colorado regarding rape? Your response must be in your own words.How do your state’s laws differentiate between adult and juvenile rape victims? Explain.If the victim were 14 years old, the suspect was 17 years old, and the sex was consensual, how would this affect the ability to charge the suspect with the crime in Colorado?What if the victim were 14, the suspect was 17, and the rape was forced—how would this then affect your ability to charge the individual?In the given incident from the last unit, what would the likely charges be against the suspect?Work StressWhat types of stress-relieving techniques would you recommend that an investigator use regularly? Explain.How can stress on the crime scene affect an investigator’s conduct? Explain.What are the department’s options when dealing with a detective who is under a lot of stress?What would you recommend be done with an investigator who is under a significant amount of stress? Why? Can the department force the detective to get psychological help to combat the stress?

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Investigation of Violent, Property, and Other Crimes
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