Introduction to Ethics Dr. Schoenig Janice’s Case Case Analysis Number Section

Write 2 pages thesis on the topic janice’s life choice. Introduction to Ethics Dr. Schoenig Janice’s Case Case Analysis Number Section Due Assignment I. FACTS OF THE CASE Under aged Janice has fallen prey to the results of unprotected and pre-marital sex, she has become unexpectedly pregnant and is contemplating abortion. Her family is divided on the issue and have caused Janice to question what the proper course of action for her might be. Her mother, a devout Catholic, wishes her to carry the pregnancy to term and then give up the baby for adoption. While her father, who is not a religious man, sees no problem with Janie opting for an abortion. In the end, Janice is left to make one of the most crucial decisions of her young life. However, Janice is being forced to make a life altering decision with incomplete information on hand. Abortion is not Janice’s only option in this case. In this case, she can also opt to have the embryo harvested and frozen for future use either by her or some well-intentioned couple or person who wishes to have a child but are or is unable to do so. This is the third option that should come into the picture when an unwanted or unexpected pregnancy occurs. II. ETHICAL QUESTIONS TO BE ANSWERED Should Janice opt for the third option, embryo harvesting, what moral and legal implications might arise from it? From the legal stand point, can an embryo be legally sold to couples that need it? Does this amount to the sale of a child? Or should the embryo be adopted by the couple instead? More importantly, do frozen embryo’s or zygotes need to be saved? Should it be considered a life form already that is protected by the same rights as the born children of this world? Would it be inconsistent for a woman who held the Pro-Life view on abortion to refuse to implant a frozen fertilized egg into her uterus? Do you accept the analogy of the frozen fertilized egg with a drowning small child? If so, then is not implantation morally required? If not, then do fetuses have the same moral rights as children, i.e., is the fetus accurately described as an unborn child? III. PROPOSED ANSWERS TO ETHICAL QUESTION(S) I believe that if Janice opts to have her embryo harvested and frozen for future use either by her of another individual, then she will have honored both her mother’s religious beliefs and her father’s point of view regarding abortion. She will have aborted her own pregnancy, but not have ended the life of the child with a life ending procedure. In essence, she will have given the child a chance to live in the future, just not with her. Therefore, there won’t be much moral or legal implications surrounding her decision. Whether it shall be legal to sell the embryos or not in the future is up to the courts to decide. I also do not believe that a Pro-Life female supporter should be compelled to carry an unborn fetus to term because her body is her sacred vessel and if she chooses not to carry a child, then that is her choice that cannot be frowned upon. A fertilized egg is not a drowning small child. It does not have a real life until it is carried to term and born into this world. Therefore, implantation is not of the utmost moral importance. Rather, it is merely an option thus differentiating the fetus from an unborn child. IV. OBJECTIONS TO PROPOSED ANSWERS AND RESPONSES TO THE OBJECTIONS OBJECTION (1): The pro-life supporters believe that life begins at conception and therefore abortion is morally wrong. RESPONSE TO (1): The courts have ruled that until the zygote produces a heartbeat, it is merely that, a zygote and not a living being just yet. This is a scientific argument that is legally accepted across the globe. OBJECTION (2): The Moderate Pro-Choice view is that some terms of abortion are acceptable to a certain degree. RESPONSE (2): The reality of the situation is that a woman should not be compelled to keep an unwanted pregnancy due to threats from the church or state. Having a baby is a personal decision so the final outcome is hers alone to decide. OBJECTION (3): The Extreme Pro-Choice view as well that does not consider the unborn fetus a child at any given point. Therefore there is no sense in harvesting the zygote for future use. RESPONSE (3): The fetus begins to take on life and the shape of a human being at some point in its conception. Therefore, it is wrong to kill off the zygote past the period after a heartbeat is detected. Zygote harvesting is a way of meeting the pro-abortionists and pro-lifers halfway. The fetus is aborted within legal grounds but still has the option to be carried to term in the future should a willing surrogate be found to carry it. V. CONCLUSION In the end, Janice’s case is easily resolved and can leave her with a very clean conscience. That is because she can basically have her cake and eat it too. She can have the abortion that she wants by having the fetus taken out. While still honoring her Catholic beliefs about the life of an unborn child by allowing it a chance to be carried to term by a surrogate in the future. Thus, Janice will not be branded a murderer by her faith and will be able to help a childless couple or person in the future to have a family as well.

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Introduction to Ethics Dr. Schoenig Janice’s Case Case Analysis Number Section
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