Interview with a K 12 Educator.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Interview with a K 12 Educator. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The interview was relatively simple and straightforward except for a few instances where some clarification was needed concerning certain questions. The questions were recorded and then analyzed for a summary. In response to the first question, Ms. X. said that she thinks of herself as a guide preparing her students for the future. She insists on igniting the same passion she feels for her subject matter in her students. She believes that her goal is to cause learners to reach their full potential. In fact, this was the same response the interviewee gave about the purpose of education in children’s life. She believed that education is meant to grow children’s innate abilities and talents so that they can become productive members of society (Heyting, 2004).

Ms. X translates this philosophy of education by making her lessons as engaging as possible. The interviewee tries to understand her student’s strengths in order to tailor their assignments to their interests. Therefore, the similar subject matter will be tested in two or three ways in order to accommodate these interests (Wilson, 2003). Furthermore, she always strives to use real-life examples and objects or tasks that children are already familiar with. Ms. X also believes in inviting children to give their own examples of the topic of the day. That personalizes the lesson and enables them to remember whatever they learned.

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The interviewee believes that collaborative teaching is a revolution in education. Therefore, she has taught in teams several times. She often does this during quizzes and discussion lessons (Steffe and Cobb, 2008). This method works for her because it negates some of her weaknesses and allows her to learn new things. In terms of collaboration, the interviewee also believes that parents are crucial in the education process. They understand their children more personally and are capable of finding gaps that they may have even forgotten& class.&nbsp.

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