Interview Report

Write a 5-page report with the following: a) a short background information about your interviewees, b) summary of your interviewee’s intercultural experience in the U.S., c) what you learned from your questions in PART III, and d) your own reflection of the interview experience and intercultural communication. Make sure to use direct quotations from the interview and to describe interesting moments of the interview to back up your statement. Make sure to weave in terms you have learned from the course material where relevant.   Your reflection should be about what you learned from the experience of interviewing a person from another country/culture and what you learned about your own country/culture as a result of this assignment. Feel free to use the following set of question to help with your reflection.   (1) How much did you know or did not know about your interviewee’s country/culture before the interview? What did you know about your interviewee’s country/culture before the interview? What were your own perceptions about your interviewee’s country/culture before the interview? Did the interview make you more interested learn about your interviewee’s country/culture? Did the interview change your perception about the country/culture of your interviewee? Please explain.  (2) Reflecting on your interviewee’s perspective on American culture, how would you describe this interviewee’s perception of American culture? What makes you summarize the interviewee’s perception of American culture in this way? Describe two scenes/segments from your interview that shows your interviewee’s experience with or perceptions of American culture. How do you feel about this interviewee’s description of American culture? Why do you think you feel this way?   (3) In terms of intercultural communication, what was the greatest challenge about interviewing your interviewee? What made the communication or interview easy? And what made it hard? How would you describe your communication style? How would you describe your interviewee’s communication style? At what point in the interview did you and your interviewee begin to feel more at ease and comfortable? If you had a second chance with this interview, what would do the same? And what would you do differently? What do you think are the three most important things for a successful intercultural communication and understanding?  All writing should adhere to APA style, be spellchecked and grammar-checked. Use 12-point Times New Roman font, 1-inch margin all around and double-spaced. Use cover page. Abstract is not necessary. Reference page may not be necessary.  Grading Rubric: Criteria Paper   Deliverables: Paper length (5 pages) /6 points  Clarity:  Organized writing with appropriate support  /6 points  Completeness: Covers all key components of the assignment prompt  /30 points  Quality of effort: Demonstrates attention to detail beyond sparse content and exercises critical reflection that enhances the paper  /10 points  APA Style Checked spelling and grammar & follows formatting convention  /8 points TOTAL:  /60 points  NOTE:

i am an arabian student from Kuwait( i am studing in U.S )   and i had interview with two of my classmates students, thier are from United State of America. the report should be about this interview.

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