Intervention in Response to Social Development Situation.

The assessment of real needs in the Lincoln way and Kingwood community in Corby remained carried out using various investigatory techniques. It is only through a needs assessment that a community’s needs are addressed (Brett, 2012, p. 143). The techniques used in the Corby case study aimed at identifying problems facing the Lincoln way and kingwood community. They also provided facts and data to help in the making of correct decisions and acquire feedback on the community’s preferences and priorities. From the investigations, the study establishes interventions in response to the social development situation in the community.

These techniques included:

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 Intervention in Response to Social Development Situation.
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Research and Data Collection

This technique involves collecting and assessing the information on interest (Israel, 2008, p. 49). It is carried out in an organized manner to enable easy answering of questions in relation to needs assessed.&nbsp. Research helps in a testing proposition, evaluates results and establishes necessary interventions towards the needs. In the Corby case study, the use of this technique enabled the collection of data about social development issues affecting the community and its environs. From this data, the researchers of the case study made decisions on what is required as a remedy to the need for social development.

Structured Surveys

Structured surveys in the Corby case study occurred in three major ways including telephone, face to face and questionnaires. Through the survey, a need gap in the social development department in the community was assessed extensively by considering community at large and situation on the ground established (Levine, 2009, p. 65). The objective of the method relates to providing data of statistical importance. Such importance assists in collecting data from a large population within the community.

An effective survey requires the development of an initial plan based on the objectives of the study and the applicable approach.&nbsp. The availability of necessary resources was a major concern, for example, the questionnaires. A means of analyzing the data acquired was necessary.&nbsp. &nbsp.

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