. The essay is to be 4 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

To support the idea of unpaid internships, various references from the essay and a book have been used.

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From the essay of “No pay? Many interns say, `No problem” it has been indicated that the absence of intern pay does not seem to dissuade the students from making application to the internships especially those that offer personal skills as well as gaining experience. Surprisingly, many paid partnerships usually do not attract many candidates because intern duties and location plays a big role in attracting the students to apply (Helperin 588). From the book of `The Successful Internship: Personal, Professional and Civil Development` by H. Fredrick Sweitzer and Mary A. King the benefits of internship were discussed. H. Fredrick Sweitzer who was a professor Humans Services at the Hartford University had placed and supervised the undergraduates for a period of twenty years and also developed the aspect of internship seminar at the Hartford University.

Through the efforts of the professor, the successful internship as a facilitator to three important aspects of development was illustrated. the civic, professional and personal (Sweitzer 5).In his book, he stated that one can enter internship from different points when developing these three categories. Internship acts as an opportunity for emotional and intellectual development that is significant in an individual life. The ability to look at given information critically, think creatively and have a look at serious issues from the multiple points of view can be acquired through internship. The internship can as well act as a powerful catalyst for individual growth and manufacturing supervisors that are qualified. Under the professional development, some of the students usually enter the internship primarily for exploration of career (Sweitzer 5). 

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