Internet and the E-Commerce Flower Business. 

The paper tells that individuals in the modern society over-rely on the internet for easier transactions that may involve reaching the message receiver more conveniently. Traditional methods that would entail physical involvement in the transaction are being surfaced by the technological advances that promise faster and more convenient business and social transactions than the previous methods. There are always various setbacks involved in businesses and the internet developments majorly entail reducing constraints and extra costs incurred in the traditional means. The internet has managed to integrate various forms of communication and entertainment entities in a single library that various individuals can access. The other advantages that the internet entails are in its inability to discriminate against age. Any individual with the proper documentation can create their own website to host their business and complete transactions with the click of a button. The development of this technology has presented numerous advances in the overall profit generation creating a wider market for a company to generate maximum profits. Marketing and advertising strategies have been established as the major entities to sell an idea and promote new products presented to the consumer population. Depending on the creativity of the marketer, and the resources applied to reach the customer population the returns expected are measured. The internet guarantees a wider market target to explain the desired product to the user. In this case, the flower business that presents numerous challenges may apply the E-commerce method to offer its sustainability within the market. The E-commerce concept normally involves distribution of the trading qualities over the internet and the transaction completed online. The final process normally involves the product delivery to the customer. This paper seeks to explain the developments achieved in the business industry by applying the internet as the trading media and the flower business as a reference. Impacts of the Internet on Global Finances Grosse explains that the internet has changed the global financial trends sine 1990 from offering financial service like banking to the provision of insurance packages that have found new measures in selling their provisions (Grosse, 35). He majorly dwells on the positive implications that the internet has accorded the banking industry with the electrical money transfer system that ensures safer measures in handling the transactions. It had become cumbersome top queue for longer hours to be serviced by the bank tellers and sometimes insecurities attributed to mugging and loss of money. The major contribution that the E-commerce has directed in the market is the management of the business time, offering minimal period spent on negotiations. The constituent of the trading commodity may be tangible or limited to internet transfer trends including money transfer. The E-business entity means the transaction happens exclusively via the electronic device, and in this case the internet provides the platform (Basu, 18). The E-commerce entity had initially been crude and mostly provided unsafe venues of trade because hackers could gain access to the information that jeopardizes the overall process. With several measures and security inscriptions, safer measures have been applied to reduce on piracy as a series of input codes and security firewalls developed to promote the medium. The aspect of internet trading revolves around the presented transaction and its nature and bulk. Normally, the internet is capable of handling the majority of the business transaction provided the parties reach an agreement towards the terms presented to make it a success. Through exchange of policies, figures in numbers ad possibly images of the advertised entity, the agreement can be solved easily.

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Internet and the E-Commerce Flower Business. 
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