International Security in an Era of Globalization.

. Security is one of the challenges that have continued to face different countries across the globe and this has led to the development of a common approach by different countries. The United States and countries in the European Union have in past collaborated in the fight against terrorism and cybercrime by sharing essential intelligent information that has assisted in forestalling serious terrorist attacks. Achieving this progress has been possible due to the advances that have been made in globalization front that has brought countries together and led to the development of a common ground and cultural integration. Globalization and democratization therefore have an intimate linkage that has seen each contribute to the development of the other.

The process of globalization has created immense changes to different aspects of leadership and governance in the world. Through globalization, geographical separated countries have been brought together and provided room with a common operation. However, the advances in globalization have also led to the separation of some countries and this has contributed to conflict among countries that previously had cordial relationships. One of the quite visible change that globalization has created in different parts of the world is the change in the political culture of different countries around the globe. Through globalization, democratization, a practice that was commonly perfected by the western countries has been spread to other countries across the globe (Wunderlich, 2013).

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 International Security in an Era of Globalization.
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After the popularization of globalization by economists in the 1960s, the need for countries to open up its borders for other countries increased and this led to the emergence of multinationals, international human rights organisations and bodies tasked with promoting democracy and the protection of human rights.

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