International relation&the 2003 Intervention in Iraq.

There was no the mandate of the United Nations. it was a policy that was used by the US administration to destabilize Saddam Hussein’s government. Consequently, when George Bush took office in 2001, he was determined to accomplish what his predecessor had started. President Bill Clinton had authorized the $97 million military aid to the Iraq opposition forces to topple Saddam Hussein and install the democratic government (Popular Social Science 1).

After the first Gulf War in Iraq both the Clinton and the Bush administrations hoped that the imposition of economic sanctions and the no-flight zones in Iraq would result in a palace revolution by members of Saddam’s own Baath regime (Popular Social Science 1). This was not U.N. policy, however, but Washington’s own unilateral intention was to overthrow the regime in Baghdad and install a democracy in Iraq. From the above phenomena, we can depict that the second Bush Administration did not follow the channels of the United Nations to launch war. because there were concerns the deal could not be vetoed due to humanitarian concerns and could hinder the big plans right from the Clinton Administration. Additionally, in 2002 the Congress and the Senate of the United States had passed a resolution that gave the president more powers to invade any country without the mandate of the United Nations (Popular Social Science 1). From the above statement, it gives a clear picture the congress and the Senate were main bodies that empowered the Second Bush Administration to declare war without the authorization of the United Nations. Additionally, by 2002 the US was speaking in one voice on matters of foreign policy, thus, Bush used the proxy endorsement of the resolution of the congress and the senate to the launch war against Saddam Hussein.

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International relation&the 2003 Intervention in Iraq.
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The United States is likely to attack another country unilaterally because there was a declaration made in1992 by the Department of the United States Defense. 

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